Chapter 1, verse 1. And then there was the RYS.
To be fair, (Ed’s note: nope, all the tech in the world and still,we cant organise a decent race)
After a few hours sunbathing and anchoring (Ed’s note: yes these boats have and yes anchoring is a boat thing). The race committee finally got on the radio to let us know that would race once they had got confirmation for the RYS (Ed’s note: ‘the’ RYS are…. Enough said otherwise I’ll start on the sorry state of affairs that counts for organising a yacht race).
Today was a laid mark, inflatable upwind downwind sort of day.

As the breeze finally for in over at hamble yacht services, the inflatable marks were laid; Memo to the PRO (Ed’s note: principal race officer) is good to define the start mark and also the course, hey ho! Flags went up.
A start, but did the fleet know? Well some did, some didn’t, did the RYS know? Err no the course was different on the tech side. AP went back up, AP…. That’s the waiting flag, waiting for wind usually, but on this occasion it was too help the PRO organise himself.
Second attempt: champagne start of the day went to Z54 nailing the gun, nailing the pin, nailing the port track flyer! ZIP and Z69, tacked onto port just behind Z54 and the race was set.
A one sided course saw Z54 lead Z80 closely followed by Z69, the run down to the last mark saw no change, turning the mark, Z54,Z80 with Z69 close on their tail. Employing the fuckulator (Ed’s note: really? That’s not a technical sailing term is it?) Z69 dropped themselves off the tail of Z80 and that was really it for the podium of the victory class
Special mention to the race committee who after a shit be start managed to get the shortened course time to perfection with the X fleet (Ed’s note: why does we have a finish at the windward mark? Why didn’t we get to sail the bank home? Did the old school network influence the tomtittee?
Was black gang chine better then the shite provided by the RYS? You bet unless you were Z54 on a port tack champagne flyer.
Blue footed boobs

Anger is our energy