Our spinnakers and cruising chutes are made to the same exacting standards we apply to all our sails. You can expect a sail that has been cut to perfection which is not only durable but also more predictable to handle than a poorly manufactured equivalent.

We can offer all types of down-wind sails to suit your needs


As the name suggests, a cruising chute is particularly durable and easy to rig when off the wind. It’s easy to set and fly, particularly when used in conjuction with one of our ‘spare-hand’ snuffers.

For ultimate efficiency downwind, you should consider a symmetrical spinnaker which will require some additional rigging including a pole. The benefit offers a broader range of down wind sailing angles from reaching to dead-running.


A racing sail always demands the ultimate in design, materials of the highest quality and attention to detail that is second to none. Suffolk Sails employees have a proud history of racing in their blood and know exactly what’s needed to give you a competetive edge.

Above all we want you to win !

Whether you are looking for a general purpose spinnaker for club racing or a full inventory to cover all wind angles and ranges, or simply a blooper, genniker, ghoster (a code zero for all you racers!), balloon jib or any other term you may have come across, make us your first port of call.