Remember the phrase ‘a stitch in time’? When it comes to prolonging the life of your sails then never is it more true. Regular servicing and valeting will keep your sails in tiptop condition. Salt can get into the fibres of sailcloth and do serious damage. Likewise constant wear and use can take its toll on your sails.

We can offer full valeting including

Washing to remove salt and other pollutants.
Sail coatings to improve performance and durability.
Thorough drying
Inspection / survey
Servicing / overhaul

When we service your sail we check every seam, fitting and hardware, we check batten pockets, inspect luff for chafe / tears, we check the stitching in fact we check over the whole sail we really don’t miss a stitch. Any damage to your sails should be repaired as quickly as possible and we offer a full repair service. Our advice comes free so you can be sure of getting the right service for your sails, whether it’s a repair, service or recutting. Ask about how we can improve your boats sails.

Accidents happen

It’s always wise to be prepared for sea and we stock everything you might need to afford emergency repairs underway.