Racing Sails

With a range of fabrics and fibre types from yarn tempered Dacron to Pentex or Kevlar and the latest state of the art Carbon fibre materials we will be able to match the right cloth to your requirements and your budget.

Performance is all !

Using the latest production techniques to ensure the smoothest three – dimensional shape. Custom designed and shaped for its intended use, mast bend, rig type etc…

Are glued and sewn using multiple rows of stitching using thread that is U. V. and chafe / abrasion resistant to give the strongest possible seam.

Layered reinforcing and strengthening patches are fitted at the head, clew, tack and reef points if fitted, to spread the primary loads.

Batten pockets
Are constructed in two-ply to safeguard chafe on the sail (no part of the batten comes into direct contact with the sail) and give maximum efficiency.
Pockets incorporate a velcro tensioning system to ensure optimal sail shape.

High performance, tapered battens are used from Bluestreak or RBS.

Loose Footed
Our mainsails come loose footed as standard, this gives a much more controllable sail, making sail handling far easier. Just easing the outhaul will increase the depth and power in the lower third of your mainsail particularly useful when off wind reaching / running or in light winds.

Leech and Foot Lines
Leech and foot cords with cleat adjusters.