Beard? What beard? Did you see the unicorn? Woah there Leslie….too much land based activities!

After a week of broken masts, high winds, halyard issues it was finally time to go racing. After a postponement for the wind to fill, finally Zinnia and the rest of the victory fleet got their chance to open their account at Cowes.

A cheeky course of (help me out here Zoe) of cowes yacht haven, 7star, yachtdatabank, gurnard ledge….

With the clock ticking the boom cannon seemed to take the fleet by surprise, Z73 in the middle and Z69 at the outer end were the first to recognise the gun had gone, leaving a few boats shocked by the time on distance to the line with the tide running

With clean breeze Z69 cleaned out and lead the fleet up the green, until with Cowes yacht haven just within reach the wind (will this wind…) Decided to back, veer, drop, and drop the leaders Zinnia back into the fleet.. Stress! Middle man ( yours truly how did you not spot the hole?) As the wind fickled the fleet everyone looked golden for while ( ok Z80 never looked golden).

Z74 and Z77 crossed in front of Z69…

Simple rules for sailors: when the wind is doing spaniel work (yes spaniel work! You know circling randomly) with you; you sailed into it, that was you wot dun it; draw a line, get the boat moving, focus on the new wind… Nothing is easy on the Solent

As the wind circled, Zinnia rounded first followed by Z71? The reach to 7star saw spinnakers hoisted for a tight reach, Zinnia dropping first as the tide began to turn. At the mark Z69 led Z71 and then Z74 and Z77 in close contact.

The short beat to Yacht data bank saw Zinnia extend her lead, a short white sail reach back across the Solent to gurnard ledge, the usual spinnaker run lottery down the green was negated by the tide whooshing us past the squadron for a cannon! Winner winner chicken dinner.

After a tricky day out the Scam dinner at the Corinthian was enjoyed by the fleet (and maybe some port was taken).

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