WGVcC? What’s that? White group committee boat,that’s what.
Why sail at Cowes when you can sail over on the mainland side. So a cruise over the solent to the race area (Ed’s note: what was wrong with starting at RYS?). A simple windward leeward course,what could go wrong?
Bearing to first mark 245deg, distance 1.5nautical miles (Ed’s note: err your in a boat,what sort of miles were you expecting?).
Champagne start today was 69, leading the fleet of the line from the pin end, the search was on for the windward mark, how hard can be be to spot a black and yellow inflatable mark at a distance of 1 mile, with 400 boats in the background…Z69 spied a Z boat sailing up Southampton water…hmm, the fleet were still looking for the windward mark somewhere to windward..Z77 spied it first. (Ed’s note: Z77 was the z boat sailing up Southampton water). Rounding with a lead of around 500m they headed back for the first lap, second to spot Z54 were next round with a gap back to Z80 who had a comfortable gap back to Z69 & Z78.
The run back saw no change, but a rather tidy brooch from Z70, Z71 spied a large crack in their mast and retired hurt.
That’s pretty much it, the whole fleet got the first leg wrong apart from the team on Z77, well done Mr Pringle and team. (Ed’s note: Hugh, why didn’t you hoist the kite on the 2nd downwind?)
The good news is its back to proper Cowes week starts tomorrow at the Squadron, what could go wrong? (Ed’s note: the nadgers!)
Photo is X boat struggling to get leech tension on their mainsail…