Todays reading is from chapter 10,verse 2,
If you are going to be dumb, you better be strong.
As john lydon said, “i could be wrong, i could be right”
Todays course:
RYS line 1, East bay, prince konsort gate, hillhead,west knoll, QXi, breakwater line.

‘the classic’ tacking up the green…
With the start sequence under way, Z69 decided to ignore the family supporters on the green as they rerigged tack and other fittings, spinning the kite and other such pre start extravaganza.
At the gun Z69 span,and led of the line about 50m away from the squadron, Z80, Z77, Z71 all choose the squadron and with no wind at that end Z69 escaped.
Tacking up the green Z48 held Z69s stern, Z80 escaped Z77 and Z71 only to be sucked back only the pack.
At East bay Z69 led followed by Z77, Z80, Z80 the run down to hillhead through the gate saw no change and at hill head Z69 (Ed’s note: Z69 is the boss his big bruv, and his big bruvs fionce).
The short windward leg to west knoll saw no change but the X fleet on the same course were closing (Ed’s note: X boats sail higher and faster than Z boats, not good).
Z69,Z77,Z80,Z71 all kept out of trouble until the X boats rounded with Z71, not a good look…. Parked on west knoll with 45 X boats approaching!
The run to QXi saw Z69 continue to be pathfinder, Z77, Z80, with Z70 following (Ed’s note: Z70 is the class captain and also on lendy cowes week ladies Day the first lady helm in the victory class).
Decisions, decisions, decisions. Turning the last mark Z69 had a tricky decision, to for the island or use the bramble bank? With a gap to the X boats, Z69 tacked to go up the bank, Z77,Z80,Z71,Z70 all followed. Z54 sneaked off with the X boats making for the island.
The Yips (Ed’s note: the Yips, not a mark of the course, they are an opportunity for the boats behind to overtake, the lead boat to throw away a huge lead, not golf related).
The lead pack sailed up the bank for a short while before taking for the line at breakwater, Z69 first to tack,Z77, Z80 all with the same plan.
Did you know the whilst Cowes week is on commercial shipping still happens, so when a bright orange tanker plows up the channel, little wooden boats must keep clear.
With the tanker forcing a tack for the leaders just as the breeze softened, the Yips started on Z69, you couldn’t lose from here could you? The line 500m away, the breeze going left… Once the tanker cleared the leaders tacked back towards the line, the wind went left and filled. Job done, a little practise of Tom yippery on board Z69 just to make sure, but no a clean win. Followed by Z77,Z80 and top lady helm Z70 (Ed’s note: top work Liz!)
Committee boat start tomorrow… It’s tight at the top..“>Start line
We are two hours in…