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The End.


With the class dinner at the Royal London and the superforecast showing a lot of breeze. The fleet enjoyed dinner and then the usual dark and stormies at RORC. Z69 held a two point advantage over Z80, were the teams going to have a light night? Err no. We don't play like that in the [...]

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My Aunty said…


My Aunty told me last night that sailing might not be the easiest sport to understand. A team game but with individual skill. On a Victory there are three crew, the helm (Ed's note: the one at the back with the waggle stick, the waggle stick is a magical device that goes in every direction). [...]

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WGVcC? What's that? White group committee boat,that's what. Why sail at Cowes when you can sail over on the mainland side. So a cruise over the solent to the race area (Ed's note: what was wrong with starting at RYS?). A simple windward leeward course,what could go wrong? Bearing to first mark 245deg, distance 1.5nautical [...]


The emperor’s new shoes…..


Todays reading is from chapter 10,verse 2, If you are going to be dumb, you better be strong. As john lydon said, "i could be wrong, i could be right" Todays course: RYS line 1, East bay, prince konsort gate, hillhead,west knoll, QXi, breakwater line. 'the classic' tacking up the green... With the start sequence [...]

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Blue footed booby


Chapter 1, verse 1. And then there was the RYS. To be fair, (Ed's note: nope, all the tech in the world and still, they still can't organise a decent race) After a few hours sunbathing and anchoring (Ed's note: yes these boats have anchors and yes anchoring is a boat thing). The race committee [...]

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Winner winner chicken dinner..race2


Todays text is taken from chapter 2, verse 1: The 7p's. Prior Planning and Preparation,Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Day 2, race 2. Course to steer...RYS line, south Ryde Middle, Colette, Norris, fevertree, wightlink, laid mark s, Breakwater line. Wind yes, well about 8 knots, tide? Yes there's quite a bit of that in the Solent, [...]

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Cowes week 2018,a passage to 4K


For most classes Cowes week starts on Saturday. Not the Victory class one design, harking back to the time of Nelson ( Ed's note: the victory class is only 81 years young) the victory class start Cowes week with a passage race from Portsmouth to the island. Course setter for the day and also gate [...]

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summer 4 report


The last race of the summer series, the champagne is still flowing for the sailors at FFSC. a 17knot southerly breeze and another Ebb tide left the race officer with an easy course of  start line, Oystercatcher (p), Tug (p), Kingsfleet (p), Tug (s), Oystercatcher (s), line.With Gnu still being re - rigged, Matt Read [...]

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